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Ms. Kendrick

Welcome to the site that will provide you with a basic arsenal of English language skills. Assignments at this time are geared for for 12th grade in the United States. These lessons are made for my students, but are available to anyone wishing to expand grammar, writing, and reading horizons.

Why Teach or Take English?

Welcome video: https://youtu.be/AVWdXbK7FrM

Welcome to my class! I assure you that I am a teacher because I chose to be. I am both a reader and a writer. I do not expect all of my students to like English class, but I expect them to be respectful in class, and to do their best.

To me, reading is the most important skill that anyone can ever have. Reading is one of only a few activities that has been proven to change the way a person thinks and to literally change the pattern of synapses in human brains. Reading can help brains repair from damage, increase mental functionality, and open minds to new ways of thinking. If a person can read and comprehend, that person can learn anything.

I am here because I believe in the power of reading and of the written word. Reading truly plants seeds. Every thought read about is stored in the brain and has the power to transform decisions for life. Writing is a way to heal and to be heard. Words have power: the power to be read; thereby, possibly exerting change and spreading knowledge for hundreds of years. Writing is also an art form with the proverbial 'pen and paper' as one's artistic medium.

Through reading and writing, human thought can be planted, cultivated, and grown. Every school year I look forward to sharing this immense and rewarding task with my students. I cannot wait to harvest knowledge together.

Put my experience to work for you!

Virginia Teaching Licensure and Post graduate work from Old Dominion and Regent Universities for Secondary Education in English, Speech/Communications, History, and English as a Second Language

Twenty-five years of classroom experience and curriculum development

Development of educational writing curriculum called Top-Down

Volunteer board member with a nonprofit, The Peer Review

Published poet and freelance writer

One year writing online curriculum for WHRO Education

Six years of experience heading theater departments

Eleven years working within curriculum frameworks for the VA SOL including sitting on a VDOE SOL range finding committee

Advanced degree work regarding at risk children, learning objectives, differentiation, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and technology-based learning

Six years as a coach of an award-winning high school Forensics team

Sponsor and publisher of a student art and literary magazine

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I can provide additional written lessons, offer critiques, assist with preperations for publication, arrange a video lesson, setup tutoring, or arrange workshops.

(1990-1993) BA in Communications with a minor in English from Mississippi State University

(1999-2001) Educational curriculum masters and licensure work from Old Dominion University

(2010-2012) Teaching English as a Second Language masters work and licensure from Regent University as part of the Chesapeake Public School Cohort

(1996-2020) Various secondary education experiences including: Hampton City Schools Public Schools; private schools in Virginia, Puerto Rico, and Mississippi; Sylvan Learning Center; and Chesapeake Public Schools.

(2018-2020) Member of a professional poetry studio at The Muse Writing Center; most recently published in Soundings, Perspectives, Sister Stories, Red Weather, Moonstone Press, River River, Otherworldly Women Press, and Appalachian Heritage.